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Compare the best payment service providers in the world.

Compare the top payment service providers.

Find the right one for your e-commerce business.

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Payment Service Providers

For global e-commerce businesses and merchants looking to expand into new regions.

Compare the payment processing skills of the best global payment service providers such as Adyen, WorldPay, Ingenico, SafeCharge, Checkout.com and Payvision.


Payment Service Providers

Are you selling regionally?


Compare the regional payment processing capabilities of the best payment service providers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North-America, South-America, Oceania, The Middle-East and Africa.

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Payment Service Providers

Are you selling locally, in one single country?

Check out the processing skills of the top payment providers in, for example, France, UK, India, Germany or The Netherlands. 

Compare the best local payment processing companies in your country.

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Payment Service Providers

Are you a local, regional or global e-commerce player in a specific vertical like retailgambling, gaming, airline ticketing, marketplaces or cryptocurrency?


Compare the best payment service providers for your vertical.

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Make your life easier.

The Netherlands

Compare the best Dutch payment service providers.

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The Netherlands

Compare the best Dutch payment service providers.

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This is the number of merchants we have had on our platform and that used our service till end of 2019.


They originate from all over the world: from Germany, France, UK, Australia, India, Mexico, US, Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Russia for example.

Everyday new people like you arrive at our platform and put us to work.


Our provider database and network consists of over 100 payment service providers around the globe.


We know their business, their payment method offering, their shopping cart integration options, their processing currencies and backoffice capabilities.


These factors play an important role in our provider matching for your specific business.


This is the year we decided to leave our jobs and start our own business ABOUT-PAYMENTS.com. Terrifying ;-)


Driven by the growing complexity in online payments, the increasing number of payment service providers and the need from merchants and businesses to find the right payment solution, we took the deep-dive. 

Eight years down the road, we are still here and we still successfully help people and businesses find the right payment processor for their e-commerce shop or checkout.

Why use our service?

Makes life easier

You can spend hours online to find out which payment service providers are out there. Or simply rely on our 100+ provider database in less than 3 minutes.

Saves you money

Save on transaction fees by means of comparing pricing proposals and direct negotiation with one or more providers.

It is free

Our service is free of charge. There are no fees or hidden costs.

Easy to use

Our intake is smooth and simple. In less than 3 minutes you can put us to work. No documentation required, no tough questions asked.

No strings attached

There is no obligation to proceed with any of the matched providers or proposals.

Secure and compliant

Our service uses the best security protocols (TLS) to keep your information safe and secure. Our privacy data policy is compliant with GDPR regulation.