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Hi, we're

We help people like you to choose the right Payment Service Provider for their business


Our mission

"Our mission is to simplify the selection process for online merchants and businesses to find the right payment service provider to process their payments and to help them to optimize their payment processing.

Our drive is to save time and money by speeding up the provider selection process and enable merchants and businesses to choose for the best provider fit in terms of processing capabilities, pricing and future proofness for their business."

Why you can trust us

Free of use

Our service is free of charge for merchants and businesses. We get paid by the providers because we help them to connect with potential customers and drive new business opportunities.

Only relevant matches

We aim to include and match every Payment Service Provider that is relevant for your business, regardless of whether they pay us, so that you have a full view of all your options.

No catch

We want to make your life easier, not more difficult or annoying. Our free service has no strings attached, no catch whatsoever. You are always in control and decide on next steps.


About... officially launched in 2012 and rebranded and relaunched early 2014. Our company is based in Vleuten, The Netherlands and is operated and managed by a team of former payment professionals in the field of online and mobile payments. 

The reason for creating was - and still is - the complexity and opacity of the online payments industry and PSP market. Who are the providers of online payment solutions? What are their capabilities and differences? And - especially important to merchants and businesses - which providers can help them to accept payments online? What is the best match given the application or software of the merchant, its target market, size, and specific needs? is here to help. B.V.
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The Netherlands

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