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Why use our free matching service?

You can spend hours online to figure out which payment service provider is the best fit for your business. Or you can rely on our knowledge, expertise and free matching service. 

Free of use

Our service is free of charge for merchants and businesses. We get paid by the providers because we help them to connect with potential customers and drive new business opportunities.

Only relevant matches

We aim to include and match every Payment Service Provider that is relevant for your business, regardless of whether they pay us, so that you have a full view of all your options.

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No catch

We want to make your life easier, not more difficult or annoying. Our free service has no strings attached, no catch whatsoever. You are always in control and decide on next steps.

About our matching

We take the following into account in our matching service (amongst other things):

Your webshop or business application software

We will only match providers with the right plugin or dev code

Your products and services

We will only match providers that will accept your business activity or business model

Your target markets

We will only match providers with the right set of payment methods and transaction currencies

Your expected turnover

We will only match providers that will accept your business size

Your special requirements

We will only match providers that provide specifically requested payment methods (e.g. Apple Pay, bitcoin), solutions (e.g. pay-by-link, subscription billing) or platform services like specific financial reporting formats

✓  Get your shortlist

Within one business hour you will have your shortlist of relevant Payment Service Providers matched to your specific business

✓  Get multiple pricing proposals

With a single click you can get your custom pricing and a direct provider contact

✓  Get it for free

Our service is at no cost for merchants and businesses. No strings attached, no catch.

About our matching
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